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Rates, Rules, and Regulations to Rent By

Thank you for your interest in renting the Falconer Rod and Gun Club, Inc.

Detailed below are conditions of which the renting party(lessee) must agree to in order to rent the facility.

To inquire or to book a rental email, or call our rental chairperson:

Rental Email:

Call Charlotte MacNeil at 814-316-4603. Leave your name, contact number, date(s) of interest, reason for rental. Our rental chairperson will contact you to make arrangements.


  1. To reserve a rental date, contract must be signed, deposit and rental fee, in the amount specified, must be paid prior to the desired date to the club rental representative.
  2. Deposit payment to be made by renter (lessee), in the form of cashier’s check, bank money order, or cash. Rental Fee can be made in the form of cash, personal check, bank money order, or cashier’s check.
  3. A facility pre-rental “walk through” conducted with renter (lessee) and club rental representative insuring facility integrity and to facilitate the renter (lessee) knowing what condition the club to be in following the event.
  4. Access to facility and possession of clubhouse key only after payment of the rental fee and deposit.
  5. Reasons for Deposit forfeiture: clubhouse and grounds not in pre-event condition, cancellation less than 30(thirty) days prior to event, obvious deviation from the contracted purpose of the event, dispensing in any fashion illegal/illicit alcohol, gambling, damage to facility and grounds of any kind resulting from event.
  6. Renter (lessee) will be held liable for any damages exceeding the amount of deposit.
  7. If the required written cancellation is received no less than thirty (30) days prior to rental date, the rental fee and deposit will be refunded.

Facility Requirements and Regulations

  1. No alcohol in any fashion is permitted unless renter (lessee) applies for and has secured a valid alcohol permit for the event (a copy of the permit shall be submitted to rental personnel), or under the direction of a licensed provider.
  2. Gambling in any form is prohibited.
  3. Renter (lessee) agrees to and assumes all responsibility for risk/cause of personal injury to any persons associated with the facility rental and property damage arising from facility rental. Renter(lessee) admonishes the Falconer Rod & Gun, Inc. (lessor) and it’s members from any and all expense, liability, damage to personal property, and personal injury resulting from the rental of same.
  4. The contractual purpose for facility rental shall not be changed or altered. Any obvious change or violation in this agreement will render the contract null and void, result in forfeiture of deposit, and if deemed necessary, the immediate evacuation of the premises.
  5. The Falconer Rod & Gun is a shooting facility. All routine shooting activity will continue while rental is taking place unless specifically requested otherwise. Currently Saturdays, 10am to 1:30pm. An additional upcharge will be added to the rental to cover this lost revenue. This is specific to weddings only.
  6. Posted seating capacity does not imply, in any fashion, that the Falconer Rod & Gun provides seating to accommodate same. Any additional seating over and above what is supplied by the Falconer Rod & Gun will be at the expense and responsibility of the renter(lessee).

Renter Obligations

  1. Restoring building and premises to pre-event condition to include: pick-up and removal of all trash to the trash bin provided in the rear of the clubhouse, inclusive of but not limited to the kitchen, restrooms, event area, and grounds.
  2. Chairs re-stacked on chair cart in fashion found (pre-event condition).
  3. Tables cleaned and returned to pre-event condition.
  4. Floors to be swept and mopped to resemble pre-event condition. Mops and brooms located in closet next to kitchen.
  5. The prompt return of house key as per contractual agreement, either in person or deposit in key box.

Current Rental Rates (Rates subject to change without notice​​)

Deposit  $200.00 

Rental Fee, $300.00

Includes use of BBQ (renter supplies their own wood), and Pavilion.

Weddings/Receptions- One or two day rental rates prevail- contact rental chair for details.

Surcharge for a "No Shooting" rental- $125.00 (AVAILABLE FOR WEDDING RENTALS ONLY!)

Rental calendar

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